Employee assistance program (EAP) is an internationally recognized service, the key purpose of which is to provide employees and their immediate family members (partner, children) with 24/7 help and support in solving their problems. By solving problems in a timely manner, we prevent them from deepening or having a negative impact on an individual’s health, well-being and work performance. The EAP can also provide psychological support to managers who are faced with the emotional and operational burden of both senior management and the employees they manage. Empowering managers, especially in recognizing and taking appropriate action in case of employee distress, can effectively contribute to a more positive work culture.

Within the EAP the individual has a limited number of counselling sessions available (usually 5 to 6 sessions per year or per problem). We have an established network of experienced counsellors throughout Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

With the implementation of the EAP, work organizations can on the long run reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, fluctuation and the workload of managers, while improving the organizational culture, reputation and competitiveness of the company.

We provide  EAP services in accordance with the standard of the International EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association) and the European Association of Experts EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum).

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The key elements of the EAP are:

Available types of counselling:

Experienced and professionally trained counsellors (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists) help individuals solve problems at work or in private life.

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