Why cooperate with us?

We are an international EAP provider that provides services in accordance with the international (EAPA) and european (EAEF) standards, set by associations of experts in the field of EAP. In the provision of EAP services, we are a long-standing partner of the leading global EAP providers, namely ICAS World, CCS, Stimulus and Pulso.

We actively strive to empower employers in taking care of the employee health and well-being, with quality holistic services, in the development of which we collaborate with experts in the fields of mental health, occupational medicine, ergonomics, safety and health at work, and law. It is also our mission to raise awareness and educate the general public about the importance of taking care of employees’ health, as we firmly believe that employees are the greatest capital of a work organization and that investing in the employee health and well-being pays off significantly.

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Our team

Katja Novak, psychologist


Katja is the head of counsellors and makes sure that they perform their work in a quality and responsible manner and in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics for Psychologists. She organizes supervisions aimed at improving professional performance and monitoring the quality of counselling services. She has been working in the field of individual counselling for more than 10 years. She also works with client companies and advises on how to successfully implement EAP in the company and promote it among employees. She prepares and conducts EAP presentations and other workplace health workshops. She is trained in EAP, neurolinguistic programming and solution focused brief therapy.

Julija Peklar, psychologist


Julija is in regular contact with clients and makes sure that the EAP is properly and successfully implemented in each company. She also prepares and conducts workshops in the field of workplace health promotion, and has been working in the field of individual counselling for more than 10 years. She actively researches and works in the fields of workplace health promotion, personal development and mental health, and active and healthy aging. She is educated in the field of EAP, psychological crisis interventions and solution focused brief therapy.

Alenka Korez Gajšek, family and marital counsellor


As part of the EAP program, Alenka coordinates the network of counsellors in Slovenia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia. She also prepares and conducts workshops for various groups of employees in the field of healthy lifestyle, strengthening mental health in the workplace, etc. For several years she has also been working in the field of counselling, having completed the training in the field of brief solution focused therapy. Because the written word is her passion, she likes to pour her knowledge and experience into various professional, informative and promotional materials from the above-mentioned areas. She is researching various breathing and relaxation techniques.

Monika Ficjan, psychologist


Monika is responsible for the visibility of EAP and the promotion of our services on social networks, as well as for the current content of our websites. She is also dedicated to research and application work in the field of workplace health promotion, preparing and conducting workshops in the field of maintaining and strengthening mental health, positive psychology, effective communication and agile leadership of work teams. She holds a Certificate in Psychological First Aid and is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional.

Mateja Zorc, political scientist


Mateja takes care of the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of workplace health. She prepares documentation for the application of projects to public tenders, participates in the formation of partnerships for the implementation of major projects and takes care of achieving the objectives and indicators of projects. She has many years of experience in finding and selecting staff, and at the same time, with her extensive knowledge, she offers support to all employees in the administration documentations in all areas. She is distinguished by good organization and professionalism.

Katja Lorbek


Katja takes care of organizing and keeping personnel records, manages personnel documents and updates internal databases. She is also involved in projects aimed at promoting workplace health. She does her job responsibly, with a positive approach, accuracy and reliability.

Igor Hrast, jurist


Igor participates in the formulation of marketing policy for the EAP service and participates in concluding contracts with new clients. He also regularly monitors trends and innovations in the field of EAP in Europe and in the world, and consequently takes care of the development of EAP both in Slovenia and in the countries of the former Yugoslavia in accordance with changing market needs. He also liaises with domestic and foreign experts in the field of EAP and workplace health and institutions working in this field in order to exchange knowledge, experience and good practices.

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In our team and/or affiliate counsellor network, we are open to new counsellors, practitioners or other professionals for colaborations. If you would like to join our team and work with us, click on the button below and send us an email.

We look forward to our cooperation.

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Affiliate counsellor network

Our affiliate counsellor network covers the countries of the Adria region, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. Our counsellors are experts in the fields of psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and social work, and are trained in various modalities of counselling and therapeutic work, specifically:

  • brief solution focused counselling,
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT),
  • marriage and family therapy (MFT),
  • integrative therapy,
  • Gestalt therapy,
  • transactional analysis, and
  • neurolinguistic programming (NLP).